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Jawbreaker, 1999

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Cara Delevingne


Cara Delevingne

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So i haven’t drawn in about 5 years, but i decided to give it art ago again to give me something calming to do during the day instead of just laying in bed, this is an inspired piece as i couldn’t think of anything to draw. 
I would like to start posting the art i do, so hopefully it will get better with time! 

This is using coloured pencil on black A3 paper.

Ida, it’s lovely :D

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Still Falls The Rain

Hello, I'm Joelene and I run FuckYeahDemonEdits. This is my personal page where I post random stuff, occasionally NSFW stuff so please don't be offended by boobs. I also try to tag things if I think they might be triggering.

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